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Leave a gift in your will

Animal Rescue Charities like Friends of the Animals do not benefit from ANY government assistance (other than Gift Aid) and there are VERY few large philanthropic organisations or companies that support animals. There is also no NHS. Therefore, EVERY penny we spend to care for our rescues has to come from donations and the biggest and most effective donation possible is a gift in your will. Whether it is a fixed amount (a pecuniary) or a percentage of the estate (usually a residuary) these gifts allow us to help and do so much more.

They pay for the pacemaker implants (£3,700), the Luxsating Patellas (£2,500) and they can make the difference to an animal in a traffic accident that needs treatment there and then, not at some point when funds might be raised.

We hope you will support us and the animals in this way, but may we add one final note of GREAT importance. When arranging a gift in your will to the Charity please ensure you quote our FULL name and our UNIQUE Charity number i.e. 1000249. Thank you

If you would like a one to one chat with Helen, our Charity Founder, please call 01983 522 511 and if she is not there, she will call you back.

These animals all required major operations that were all funded by a donation from a legacy and are a mere selection of the animals these wonderful gifts have helped over 34 years.

 This is what we do or have done: 

Veterinary treatment provided for 3,400+ animals (last year). 

44,000+ animals spayed / neutered. 

9,800+ animals re-homed. 

1,829,000 items of pet food distributed. 

470+ farm animals currently being financed. 

Why we need you: 

Every neglected and injured animal we save is dependent upon the kindness of a caring person. Will that be you ?