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For almost nineteen years, Friends of the Animals have supported around 500 animals at the Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary in Wolverton, Warwickshire.

We fund all of the animals’ veterinary treatments, plus the cost of shearing and some feed bills etc.

Pictured (left) is Eloise whom we employ as a Sanctuary worker and Carole, who founded the Sanctuary in the 80’s.

Hay and straw prices have absolutely rocketed, but when there is a dip in prices, we do buy as much as we possibly can.

Friends of the Animals

Farm animals don’t have many friends, so please help them this winter if you can. Please use the Pay Pal button (above and below this item) to make a donation of any amount to help these animals get through the Winter.

OR call our office (01983 522 511 Tuesday – Friday 10-00am to 5-00pm and Saturday 10-00am to 4-00pm ) to make a card donation OR send a cheque made out to “Friends of the Animals Sanctuary” to 17A Riverway Newport PO30 5UX. EVERY penny raised WILL go to feeding the Sanctuary’s almost 500 residents.