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How you can help Friends of the Animals

Please Help Rudie!

Just over a month ago Rudie was involved in an accident that left him with an ear infection. After a course of antibiotics all seemed well.

Unfortunately the ear infection has now returned along with a growth on poor Rudie’s eye, an emergency veterinary consultation has determined that his eye will need to be removed and possibly his ear too depending how it responds to another course of medication.

Rudie’s Mum used her savings for his first lot of treatment and with the bill for further treatment being in excess of £600 she desperately needs help as poor Rudie’s eye is so sore he is attempting to scratch it out himself.

Please help this lovely little boy get back to enjoying life with his loving family by making a donation on the button below, Rudie and his Mum will be forever grateful!!

Shocking act of cruelty!!

On Sunday the 18th of February at 5.25pm one of our beautiful long term foster dogs ‘Daisy’, who is 14 years old, was left in a serious condition having been, what is believed to be deliberately run over!!

The horrific incident took place near Victoria Recreational Ground Newport as ‘Daisy’ was on her lead and being walked home by her Foster Mum. Poor ‘Daisy’ was screaming as the car went over her leaving a tyre mark on her little body.

This devastating act has left ‘Daisy’ in a serious condition and her long term foster Mum and all at FOTA in shock.

Although still in pain and with a long way to go ‘Daisy’ showed her gratitude to the vet this morning by licking his hand.

To date ‘Daisy’s’ treatment has cost in excess of £2,100.

This sweet natured and lovely little dog did not deserve this and we would be so very grateful if you would please help us towards this considerable bill that is likely to rise.

You can donate on the button below or by calling us on 01983 522 511. Thank you!!

My name is Kilo & I’m a French Bulldog rapidly approaching my second birthday!

Due to my breed I have trouble breathing & I am now suffering from sleep apnea. My Mum is very worried about me & I will require Boas surgery to help alleviate the problem, a vet said this is similar to a human spending their life breathing through a straw.

My insurance will not cover the full cost & I need to raise £1000 to enable me to lead a more normal life.

If you could help me I will be very grateful!!


Hello, I’m Stella! 

‘Stella’ is a Maltese Terrier. She is only 10 months old and for the last almost six months, 

she has suffered with a serious gastro problem – diarrhoea and now losing blood.

£4K’s worth of insurance has gone, without a firm diagnosis. 

‘Stella’ is a dear little dog and deserves the chance of being able to go to a specialist Vet 

for an Ultrasound and an Endoscopy. The quote is in excess of £3,000 and any help towards this would be very gratefully received please.

Alternatively, please give Lacie a call on 01983 522 511 to make a card donation over the phone (Tuesday to Friday 10am–5pm, or Saturday 10am–4pm)