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FAR too many cats, dogs and rabbits are born for the number of homes available. Many of them end up in the hands of overstretched and underfunded Animal Rescue Charities like Friends of the Animals or in the hands of the local authority where they will either be put to sleep, or passed on to those very same overstretched and underfunded rescues. Some will simply eke out a “life” in the wild or in the hands of an uncaring human.

If those were not good enough reasons, a spayed bitch cannot get pyometra, a terrible and often fatal disease and a male cannot get testicular cancer.

An un-spayed female cat can have three litters a year and in only a couple of years be responsible for hundreds of kittens and an un-neutered male cat will “spray” EVERYWHERE. Don’t forget, we also help with rabbits and ferrets.

To arrange a discounted spay or neuter for YOUR pet call our Head office on 01983 522 511 Tuesday to Friday 10am – 5pm and Saturday 10am to 4pm.

Friends of the Animals strongly believe in the importance of spaying and neutering animals but we understand that for those in financial difficulties the cost can be prohibitive. That’s why, in partnership with local vets we are able to offer subsidised prices to those who need help with the cost of this important work.

The scheme is open to anyone, but as a Charity with VERY limited funds, we ask that it is only used by those struggling to find the money and not to provide a discounted price to those not in need of assistance.