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Casualty of the storm!

We received an urgent call last week about a distressed swan from a member of the public. The swan had been trapped under a jetty that had collapsed in storm Ciaran and was extremely waterlogged and dangerously cold. Although the lady had contacted numerous organisations two hours had passed with no assistance forthcoming. We gathered equipment, jumped into our vehicle and had two members of staff on site ten minutes later.

On arrival the swan, that we named Sam after the finder, was very subdued and didn’t put up any struggle, Sam was wrapped in towels and placed in a container for the short trip to the Peoples Vet. On arrival the staff started to dry Sam with towels and a heater and Pete the vet administered a steroid injection for shock and also an antibiotic.

Sam stayed with us overnight but was not strong enough to be released the next day and is now convalescing at the Island Riding Centre before being released back to the River Medina.

Posted on November 8th, 2023