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Romi’s Progress

When we saw the video clip of Romi hobbling and in pain due to a ruptured cruciate, we knew we had to help. 
Not yet twelve months old, the poor dog had sadly suffered pain for half of her life. 

Friends of the Animals is just so very grateful to everyone who generously donated; thanks to you all, 

Romi was finally able to have her much needed surgery.  

After surgery to repair a ruptured cruciate, it takes a few weeks before the dog can do any weightbearing. But, I’m delighted to tell you that thanks to our supporters, this lovely dog is now well on the road to recovery. 

Sophia (Romi’s owner) told me “It’s barely four weeks and Romi has made real progress. We are weaning her off the medication and Yes, she can now walk on it” ! 

Posted on November 5th, 2020