All these animals rely on Friends of the AnimalsFriends of the Animals supports the Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary at Wolverton, both financially and with practical guidance.  Please help us maintain that support by making a donation (using the Pay Pal button on the right). HUNDREDS of lives depend on us and you. Thank you.

For many years “Friends of the Animals” have been funding and supporting the FARM ANIMAL RESCUE SANCTUARY at Wolverton, near Stratford Upon Avon. There are around 460 animals living there that rely TOTALLY upon us and the efforts of Carole and Mary on site. We have to keep these rescued animals:- goats, sheep, pigs, chickens and turkeys, fed, watered and healthy as well as ensuring that the structures and fences etc remain secure to keep the animals safe.

All of this requires CONSIDERABLE funding – approximately £75K per year.

Now we can offer you the chance to be part of your own personal rescue.  You can adopt a rescued animal at the Sanctuary in Wolverton via Friends of the Animals for a one off donation of only £24-00p a year – i.e. only £2-00p a month. You will receive personal details of your chosen rescue and be kept informed of their progress.  Please choose a rescue today and be assured that  ALL of your £24-00p will go to your chosen animal.

GeorgeGeorge arrived at FARS as a small piglet, having apparently been found wandering on a country road. He has quickly become a firm favourite of everyone who visits FARS and just loves people.

His pen is in one of the polytunnels next to the turkeys, who he has quickly made friends with. He loves apples – and playing games!


GretelGretel is a kunekune pig, with kunekune a Maori term meaning “fat and round.” They are the smallest domesticated breed of pig in the world with a placid, friendly nature .

Gretel is an archetypal kunekune. She used live a fairytale life with partner Hansel but he sadly died last year. She has coped well with being alone and loves apples.


Joey was brought to FARS last year after being saved by a helper on a farm in Yorkshire.

A group of kind people chipped together to purchase him – and save him from slaughter – and he is one of the friendliest of the Woolly Park inhabitants.

He loves human contact – he follows Carole around most of the day – and comes running to his name.

LeggingsLeggings is the most recent of FARS arrivals, having being rescued from a open prison farm in Kent by one of the female inmates.

He has made himself at home at Woolly Park Farm, and has quickly shown his liking for jumping fences!


Mandy is a beautiful Welsh Lleyn who arrived at Woolly Park as a very sick lamb just a few hours old.

Just look at her now! She can be cheeky at times, especially if visitors bring biscuits with them to FARS, but at other times she can be quite aloof.

Marigold and Morgan are a delightful pair of Anglo Nubian goats, a breed recognisable by their long floppy ears and pronounced ‘Roman’ style nose.

Marigold and Morgan (we believe them to be mother and son) were brought into the sanctuary after being found abandoned, tethered to a garden fence. They are two boisterous goats who love nothing better than climbing – just like mountain goats.

TimmyTimmy is a southdown sheep and a bit of a loner who enjoys the quiet life.

A teddy-bear of a sheep, biscuits are his favourite things and he adores both rich tea and digestives.

He is now seven years old and came to FARS as a very small lamb.

Vodafone EightThe Vodafone Eight are the turkeys who starred in last year’s heart-warming Vodafone Christmas TV advert called Terry the Turkey.

All eight took part in the filming before Vodafone found their forever home at Wooly Park Farm.

Despite their brush with TV stardom, they settled in well and are living in one of the polytunnels next to George the pig.

They are called Jeroen, Cindy, Daniel, Diego-Jorge, Helen, Neil, Nick and Phil and are available to adopt as a group of eight for £24 a year

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